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Let Smoky Labs fuel growth in your marketing, sales & customer funnel.

We evaluate your marketing & sales funnel and customer cohorts for the highest-value opportunities and weakest links, then create a customized inbound marketing plan that’s prioritized for business impact.

Generating website traffic

Generate web traffic

Where’s your weakest link? What’s your strongest opportunity?

♦ Intermittent or no blog
♦ Lack of outreach
♦ Scattered paid advertising strategy
♦ Plenty of traffic, most of it unqualified

Smoky Labs solutions

More/targeted website traffic to funnel into your marketing & sales pipeline using

♦ Blogging
♦ Social media
♦ Content syndication
♦ Influencer outreach

Capturing leads on the website

Where’s your weakest link? What’s your strongest opportunity?

♦ No system for lead capture
♦ Lack of prioritized and focused conversion rate optimization
♦ User experience not optimized

Smoky Labs solutions

Convert traffic to leads by building relationships with prospects using

♦ Website UX optimization
♦ Calls to action
♦ Landing pages
♦ Lead capture forms
♦ Conversion rate optimization
♦ Premium content (case studies, white papers, ebooks, and videos)

Capture website leads

Nurturing leads

Nurturing leads

Where’s your weakest link? What’s your strongest opportunity?

♦ No marketing automation or not optimizing marketing automation
♦ No lead scoring or buyer matrix system
♦ Lack of CRM integration with marketing automation system
♦ No retargeting program

Smoky Labs solutions

Turn leads into solid sales prospects using

♦ Email nurturing / Marketing automation
♦ Buyer matrix / Lead scoring
♦ CRM integration
♦ Testimonials/social proof
♦ Case studies/white papers
♦ Retargeting ads

Acquiring new customers

Where’s your weakest link? What’s your strongest opportunity?

♦ Weak marketing and sales alignment
♦ Lack of cohort analysis for highest lifetime value, revenue, and profit
♦ No nurturing program for leads not quite ready to buy

Smoky Labs solutions

Convert more and more profitable prospects into customers using

♦ Marketing and sales alignment
♦ Cohort analysis to determine customer profitability
♦ Marketing automation/nurturing for SQLs moved back to MQLs
♦ Detailed buyer personas post-cohort analysis

Acquire new customers

Customer retention, upgrades, and advocacy

Customer retention, upgrades, and advocacy

Where’s your weakest link? What’s your strongest opportunity?

♦ Revenue churn
♦ Customer churn
♦ Upgrades and downgrades
♦ Customer Lifetime Value
♦ Advocacy, referrals, and recommendations

Smoky Labs solutions

Gain a higher revenue percentage from existing, happier, customers.

♦ Lifecycle email
♦ Customer-focused content marketing
♦ Case studies/success stories/testimonials
♦ Qualitative and quantitative customer research
♦ Customer surveys and referral requests
♦ Retention rate optimization

A holistic and systematic approach

Our comprehensive plans are prioritized for impact. While we identify on and solve individual funnel problems, we’re totally focused on the big picture and the long term. This means we don’t do one-offs like just the blog or just a few white papers or just a website refresh or just an email nurture series or two.

The entire inbound marketing system is just that, a system that’s designed to fuel revenue and customer growth and have a real impact on business results.

Our Process

1. Free Evaluation

We’ll spend an hour talking with you about your goals, pain points in your funnel, and current website and digital strategies, and come to a mutual understanding of whether we can help you get to the next level with inbound marketing.

Next, we’ll do an in-depth call about your business and marketing so we can see where we can add the most value.


2. Proposal

If we agree that we might make good partners, we’ll create a comprehensive proposal that includes high-level strategy, planning, timing, and execution of your personalized inbound marketing campaign that’s designed around your business goals.

3. Kickoff

At kickoff, we’ll dive deep into your marketing and sales funnel, current marketing tactics, benchmarks, metrics, creative, and everything else we need to take inventory of your current setup. Then, we’ll set goals and KPIs together in order to deliver a comprehensive marketing strategy for the coming 12 months.

4. Strategy

How will we get to the goals? We’ll share our vision of the digital roadmap with you and get feedback for making it rock-solid. You’ll see our prioritized plan, benchmarks, and projections, as well as industry case studies, and should feel comfortable proceeding with the plan and building a relationship of trust and partnership with us. We ask you to sign off on the strategy, which we guarantee with 100% satisfaction.

5. Execute, optimize, report, and recommend

Our campaigns will start off optimized for learning, and will get smarter as we learn more about your customers and their preferences. Each month, we’ll report on key performance indicators and how we’re tracking to business goals, and discuss together what we might do to generate even better results.

6. Rinse and repeat

Our goal is to keep you as a long-term client by delivering great results and open and honest communication. We’re in this with you for the long haul. As the guys at Tropical MBA say, “Marketing stamina isn’t sexy, but it’s the critical piece in business success.”

Our SaaS businesses are as successful as they are because of content marketing.

Hiten Shah, Cofounder, Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg & Quicksprout

On the SaaS Insider Podcast

Our Secret Sauce

We apply these six essential ingredients to each piece of your marketing puzzle.


Before tactics comes strategy, specifically a comprehensive strategy customized to your end goals and KPIs.

Key Performance Indicators

Each tactic can be measured with a combination of KPIs, which are carefully-chosen business metrics (e.g. Customer Lifetime Value, Annual Revenue, Customer Churn) and marketing metrics (Web Traffic, Click-Through Rate, Open Rate, Referrals) that best help us understand whether and how well we’re tracking to goals. We use a combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics to measure success.



If Strategy is the “What,” Tactics are the “How.” Tactics spell out the specific channels and tools we’ll use to achieve those goals.


Benchmarks and metrics don’t mean much if we can’t tie them back to revenue. We believe that marketing is a smart and incredible investment rather than a cost center, and we work with you to create a “closed loop” marketing system in which real results can be tracked and optimized.



Using a combination of your results, our experience, industry benchmarks, and our ongoing results for you, we’ll set benchmarks for achieving success.


There’s always room for improvement. We don’t “set it and forget it” with your digital marketing like it’s a crockpot timer or a programmable thermostat. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve campaigns for better marketing, sales, and business results.

Plans & Pricing

Our inbound marketing plans are designed to create a business impact. Engagements are typically a 12-month commitment, with an investment between $4,000 and $15,000 per month into your marketing program, depending on the level of resources needed to meet your business goals within the time frame. In addition to our 12-month retainer, we also offer certain services as single projects, including web design and customer research.

Ready to get started?


Free Assessment

Your first consultation is on the house. We’ll evaluate your current marketing efforts against your business metrics and tell you exactly how we can help you acquire, convert, retain, and upsell more customers.

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